Air bag compatibility

Our last speciality is compatible lateral air bags seat covers
Shooting preparation

Our patented side opening system allows a perfect safe deployment of the side air bag.

We have been officially granted the authorisation to produce by Renault, Peugeot and Citroën after more than 210 side air bag explosions with very severe opening time at different temperatures. Here are some pictures of a lateral air bag explosion with our seat cover.

Air bag after shooting
High standards for side air bag compatible products
Air bag after shooting

Manufacturing process has to be approved as well by car manufacturers :

Our company has taken out a special insurance policy for the compatible side air bag seat covers.

We remind you that for safety reasons, it is forbidden to mount side air bags non-compatible classic seat covers on such seats. Only our kind of side air bags compatible seat covers is to be mounted and offer the full Car Manufacturer warranty.

View a side air bag opening in Miscrosoft AVI format or in Apple Quick Time format